Steve Rosen’s new book

Steve Rosen, of BGU, and an active participant in Safi research (such as in this just recently published article) has notified me that a new book of his has just been published.

The book’s title is:

Rosen, S. A. 2017. Revolutions in the Desert: The Rise of Mobile Pastoralism in the Southern Levant. London: Routledge.

Here’s the book’s blurb:
Rosen offers the first archaeological analysis of the rise of herding in the desert, from the first introduction of domestic goats and sheep into the arid zones, more than eight millennia ago, to the evolution of more recent Bedouin societies. Inviting comparisons to the agricultural revolution and the secondary spread of domestication beyond the Near East, this volume examines the archaeological record outlines these societies ecological, economic and social adaptations to the deserts of the Southern Levant. With maps and illustrations from the author’s collection, Revolutions in the Desert is a thoughtful and engaging approach to the archaeology of desert nomadic societies.

See below the link to the flyer – and the offer for a 20% discount!


Congratulations to Steve!


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