Broadening Horizons 5 conference – Udine

Just came back from a really nice conference at the University of Udine, in Udine Italy. This conference, the 5th in an ongoing series, is focused on enabling early career researchers present at a meeting in which most of the presenters are early career colleagues, along with a small amount of senior presenters (who presented keynote lectures).

This was, without a doubt, a smashing success. The papers given by the early career researchers were excellent; the organization was meticulous; the hosting was impressive; and we were wined and dined (with a particular focus on the wined…) quite impressively!

It was also very special to reconnect with some old friends, turn some long-time email friends into face-to-face friends, and also meet a lot of new friends and colleagues.

I presented one of the keynote lectures on new perspectives on the LB/Iron Age transition, with focus on new aspects, finds and understandings regarding the Philistines – with of course a lot of discussion of finds from Safi.

Add to that, I came back with a very impressive “catch” of books (see below).

This format was so successful that I would highly recommend participation in this series in the future – and also to make other similar venues!