2nd day of 1st week – update

The 2nd day of the excavation was a great day in all areas, as everyone had started to excavate! While the heat wave continued – it was one or two degrees (C) cooler than yesterday…

Here’s a quick summary of what’s doing:

Area A: Louise’s team is deep into the Iron I in her square, with some nice early Iron I pottery coming out. Our objective in this area is to explose the earliest phases of the Iron Age in Area A.

Area D: Amit’s team opened up a few new squares in the gate area. One of our aims this season is to try and prove, beyond reasonable doubt – that it is a gate!

Area E: Haskel and Shira’s team are working away at various parts of Area E, trying to clarify various architectural and stratigraphic issues. Most importantly, they started what hopefully will be a deep probe below the E6 level, to try and see the earliest phases in Area E.

Area F: Jeff and his team are working on various issues in this area, covering Iron I, LB, MB and EB contexts.

Area J: Jill’s new area is located down the slope to the east of Area E, and aims to expose a section of a wall – possibly the EB city wall – what was discovered on surface a few seasons ago. So far – it’s looking good!

Area K: Eric’s team is working in the eastern part of the lower city, expanding and deepening the squares already opened last year. We hope to have a better understanding of the history of the eastern part of the lower city this year.

Area K2: Brent and his team are working just to the north of Area K – exposing a very impressive mass of large worked stones, possibly part of the northern fortifications of the lower city. Already, more and more parts of this are being exposed.

And Andy and his remote sensing team are working away at a great pace in the lower city (between D and K) and have already have some great results from the magnetometric survey.

All in all – things are going great – and it looks like it’s going to be a great season!

And to top it all off – happy US Independence Day those celebrating!

And here are some pictures from the day: