Day 3 – second week – full speed ahead!

Great day on the site! First of all, it cooled down – and the temperatures were back to “normal”. We survived the heat wave!

Secondly, all the teams made great progress – and we are starting to see things all over!

Here’s a summary:

Area A: Deep into Iron I and a lot of nice Philistine (bichrome) pottery is coming out

Area D: In the metallurgy area in the west, additional portions of the metal production area, including some more tuyeres and slag. Ahuva, who has been part of the team since the first season (!) joined us – and on the first day she dug up two complete vessels (Iron IIA)!

In the gate area to the east, additional portions of the fortification have been uncovered and some very interesting surfaces with phytoliths and plastered features.

Area E: Working in various EB features, floors and architecture. This includes several places were they are clearly going into the earlier phases of the EB.

Area F: The team is working in the LB and MB. Of particular interest is a room next to the fortification wall in which a nice collection of stone tools and various bones, along with a large amount of pottery, was found, dating to the MB. And in the LB, portions of a nice surface with pottery and bones.

Area J: Jill’s team is already exposing a substantial portion of what we believe is a fortification wall – and picking up a lot of EB pottery!

Area K: Three news squares were opened – and Iron II pottery is beginning to pop up. Looks promising!

Area K2: Brent’s team is working away at exposing the massive architecture above the river bed to the north of K – and more and more lines of massive worked stones are appearing – along with a nice amount of burnt and collapsed mudbrick!

Magnetometry team: Andy and his team are working away in the areas between K and D and moving faster than we imagined. And so far, several interesting “anomalies” have appeared – definitely showing promise to excavations in the future!

Great day! Here are some pictures: