Update for Thursday, July 6th, 2017

We had a great day today on site, with a lot of nice finds and important progress.

Area A: Louise and her team are coming up with nice Iron I materials, including a large fragment of a very nice Iron I female figurine.

Area D: Amit and his team have some more materials from the metallurgy area and are exposing more and more architectural elements in the gate area.

Area E: Haskel and Shira’s team have discovered another donkey burial! That now is the fifth from this area!!

Area F: Jeff and his team found some interesting stone objects, possibly weights, from the MB levels, portions of an LB floor with some nice pottery, and what looks like a nice section of an Iron Age terrace.

Area J: Jill and her team have revealed a nice section of the architecture above the line of the outer line of the wall that was seen on surface – and things are getting bigger and more complicated!

Area K: Eric and his team are coming down on pottery and other finds in various squares – looks like the find will be seriously popping out in the next few days!

Area K2: Brent and his team not only have revealed very impressive masonry of the walls that they are excavating, but have come down on what looks like a floor with smashed, complete pottery. So far, it looks like a late Iron I/early Iron IIA context.

And Andy’s remote sensing team is plugging away – covering more and more parts of the lower city – and coming up with all kinds of promising “anamolies” that may turn into structures and contexts for further excavation.

Due to some changes in our logistics, we had the end of the week party in the field today, with pizza and popsicles – and then went on a tour of the fantastic stalactite cave near Beth Shemesh.

Altogether – a great day!

Here are some pictures:

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