Last day of first week – quick summary

So the first week – which is always the hardest one – is over, and it was a smashing success. Here’s a quick summary of today’s finds:

Area A: Louise and her team found some very nice finds today, including some shell beads from the Iron IIA level, and a nice lamp from the Iron I

Area D: On the western side, we found the continuation of the city wall on the northern part of the area, and in the metallurgy area we have some interesting installations. Near the gate more and more monumental architecture is being exposed.

Area E: The new donkey is looking quite well-preserved – and hopefully we will get some great results from it. In general, the area is going well and the deep probe is moving along at a great pace!

Area F: Jeff and his team had some nice finds today, including an Iron I surface with fragments of looks like an almost complete Philistine bichrome krater!

Area J: In addition to working on the wall, Jill and her team had a bit of surprise today – they seem to have uncovered at least one very nice Iron Age bronze bowl!

Area K: Eric and his team had some nice finds today – including a round stone installation – which might be part of another olive press!

Area K2: Brent and his team are working on the massive walls in this area, which are getting more and more impressive with every day!

Remote sensing: Andy and his team completed several more areas in the lower city. They have covered in one week more than I thought they would cover in two!

And now, we break for a long-needed weekend – and prepare the next week of finds!

Here’s some pictures: