2nd day of 2nd week (July 11th, 2017)

Whew! Was it hot today…hopefully it will be a bit cooler tomorrow

But, despite the heat (and the fact that me and many of the team were fasting, as it was the 17th of Tammuz), we had a great day!

Area A: In the Iron I square they have defined what looks like 3 different pits, while in the Iron IIA square it looks that they are below the 9th cent destruction.

Area D: The gate area has many nice finds, including what looks like a collapse associated with the Philistine Bichrome phase, with all kinds of very nice complete vessels!

Area E: The donkey is almost completely uncovered and is very well preserved. The deep sounding is – very deep; and some interesting floors and walls are coming up.

Area F: A very interesting production location was found, most probably associated with metal working and it seems to be dated to the EB! If this is correct – this is quite cool. In addition, in the Iron I we have more of that beautiful bichrome krater (see pictures) and a very interesting wall made of kurkar blocks!

Area J: The J team took a day off due to the fast.

Area K: The 9th cent. destruction level is coming up all over and most of the squares have broken (or complete) vessels, installation and walls relating to this phase.

Area K2: We now have a really nice 10 m section of the monumental wall exposed – and it looks like it is Iron I/II.

In addition to that, the remote sensing team has almost finished the work in the lower city and will move to the south side of the tell.

Here are some pictures: