Update for first day of 2nd week

The second week of the dig has started and things are going very nicely! This week our team is at its largest (over 140 members) and as always, it’s during the 2nd and 3rd week that the best finds pop up!

Here’s a review of some of the finds from the various areas:

Area A: Louise and her team are working in both early Iron I and Iron IIA. In the early Iron I, it looks like they are about to reach the levels of the building in the adjacent square and hopefully we will have real nice contexts soon. In the Iron IIA, they are still working on or at the very bottom of the Hazael destruction level

Area D: Amit and his team have come up with some nice finds. In the west, they have revealed additional portions of the city wall, and found some more finds from the destruction level. In the east, additional phases of the monumental architecture in the gate area have been revealed, as well as parts of the 3 stage phasing of this area.

Area E: Haskel and Shira’s team are rocking as well! More of the donkey is being excavated and it looks very well preserved. The deep probe is going very well, as well as various stratigraphic and architectural queries throughout the area.

Area F: Jeff and his team are working on late MB, LB and early Iron I and have some nice finds, including a nice Bronze Age baking tray, and large fragments of a very nice Philistine bichrome krater – among the nicest examples found since the beginning of our excavations.

Area J: Jill and her team are revealing more of the architecture in the area – which is becoming more and more complex as they go!

Area K: Eric and his team are excavating the Iron IIA destruction in several squares and it looks like they will have a lot of very nice finds in the coming days!

Area K2: Brent and his team are exposing more and more of the massive fortifications in this area – which are becoming larger and larger as time goes by. And from the pottery coming up, it seems quite clear that it dates to somewhere in the late Iron I to Iron IIA.

Andy’s remote sensing team continued their work on the lower city today – once again at a fantastic pace!

We also had a documentary film team from the Discovery Channel on site (and the’ll be back today as well) – and they were filming the team working in different areas.

In addition to it all, there was a field trip to the very interesting site of Khirbet Qeiyafah.

Here are some pictures:

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