4th day of 2nd week – July 13th, 2017

We made nice progress in all the areas today – and we had a few visitors – including the vice rector of BIU (Prof. Amnon Albeck) and Mr. Reuven Pinsky, head of the Israeli government national heritage project fund.

Area A: Digging in both squares in the Iron I – with lots of Philistine I pottery.

Area D: Iron IIA destruction in the western side, along with two tabuns that might be connected to the metal production, as well as a head of a very nice bull figurine. Near the gate the architecture is getting bigger and bigger and more impressive.

Area E: The donkey was removed; the probe goes deeper and deeper; and all kinds of architecture, phases and cool installations.

Area F: Adi and some BIU chemistry students worked in the area which seems to be related to plaster production; a very nice late MB bronze pin was found; and lots of LB, Iron I and Iron II pottery from different contexts.

Area J: The wall is getting bigger and bigger and more and more complicated…

Area K: More and more Iron IIA destruction…

Area K2: The monumental city was is so nice…

Remote sensing – more work in the lower city.

Great day!

Here are some pictures:

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