Update for Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

We had a very busy day today – lots of finds – and lots of visitors…

Area A: Louise and her team took down an Iron IIA wall and revealed the Iron I wall beneath it, and are now pushing for the final probe into the early Iron I levels.

Area D: Amit and his team had quite a day. In the metallurgy area they found a large piece of a crucible, and in the gate area, various very interesting Iron I objects, including several very special cultic objects.

Area E: Several very interesting floors, features and installations were found – and in addition, two clay bulla, one with an imprinted design, were found!

Area F: The are reaching to the EB levels inside the wall, and some nice MB pottery (including Tell el-Yahudiyeh ware) was found in association with the MB glacis. In addition, Iron IIA, LB and MB are being excavated.

Area J: The EB wall is getting bigger and bigger…

Area K: Iron IIA destruction galore – and all kinds of very cool finds!

Area K2: It seems that the two levels of restorable pottery between two of the walls both date to the Iron IIA!

Here are some pictures:

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