Joe Uziel and finds from the City of David!

Dr. Joe Uziel, long-time member of the Safi team, and currently directing the IAA excavations in the City of David, has gotten some really nice press coverage (see for example here and here) for some great finds of Iron Age bullae from the Iron Age II that were recently found in Jerusalem. Ortal Chalaf, who is co-directing the excavations, is also a former student at BIU – and participated as well in the Safi excavations.

Way to go Joe!

2 thoughts on “Joe Uziel and finds from the City of David!

  1. It is an extremely interesting find and story. I’m wondering whether the “administrative complexity” of the change from symbolic to literary sealing practice is perhaps overplayed. In more recent times, symbols were used to seal letters (with wax), not because anyone involved was illiterate. They were sealing letters, after all. But because a symbolic seal, impressed with a “signet ring,” was tougher to fake. Anyone could imprint a few letters in wax. How many could forge their own copy of the signet ring?
    There could be an argument that the use of letters represented a decline, a changing fashion or other means of securing communications – since only in a setting where few people could write would written seals alone be sufficient to prove authenticity.


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