My lecture at the Priests and Priesthood conference

As previously mentioned, I participated last week in a very interesting conference on priests and priesthood in the ancient Near East and other cultures.

Some of the lectures from the conference are now online, including mine, which deals with archaeological evidence of priests and Levites from the Iron Age Southern Levant.

Check it out – and wait until the very end to hear my joke about the Jewish man who wanted to be a Cohen! (and mea culpa for my mispronunciation of “tithes”…)



4 thoughts on “My lecture at the Priests and Priesthood conference

  1. I liked your presentation of the inscribed vessels, but I don’t believe it’s fair to say “most believe” the famous pomegranate’s inscription is fake. It might be more accurate to say that most non-paleographers believe it’s fake; but Andre Lemaire’s opinion is worth more than that of all the IAA employees & Biblical minimalists combined.

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      1. As best I can tell, Andre Lemaire, Ada Yardeni, Robert Deutsch, Yitzhak Roman, & P. Kyle McCarter do not believe it’s fake, while Shmuel Ahituv, Aaron Demsky, Yuval Goren, & you believe it’s fake. That’s 5 to 4 (6 to 4 if you count the late Nahman Avigad, & I’m being generous by including you, since I’m not sure whether you’ve examined it under a microscope like the others I’ve listed). The burden’s on you, my friend, to defend your statement regarding what “most believe”.

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      2. arenmaeir

        I’ll reply with what I’ve been telling my students for years (way before the Ahituv et al. discussion): If you give me 1/2 million dollars, I bring you two ivory pomegranates with, unbroken, with even more interesting inscriptions! You can even chose what you want to be written on the inscriptions!

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