The 2018 season is off to a great start!

And we are off! The 2018 season is off to a great start. On Sunday, the team members arrived at Kibbutz Kfar Menahem for the beginning of the 2018 season. Most of the day was spent moving equipment and setting up things, but we got just about everything done. We even managed to get out for a tour of the site.

Early Monday morning, we all went out to the site, for the first day on site. The teams in Areas D (led by Jeff), M (led by Maria) and Y (led by Jill) were busy cleaning up the surface of the areas, finishing marking squares and putting up the tarps. While we didn’t do any actual excavating, but it looks like all areas will be in full excavating early Tuesday morning.

And to finish off the day – there was a tour of Tel Azekah.

Pictures and clips will be posted soon!


P.S. Sorry for the delay in posting – it’s been quite a few busy days…

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