Day 5 – last day of first week (June 29, 2018)

Great ending to a great week! The finds are starting to pop – and they are a good indication of some really interesting things that will be coming up in this season.

In Area D, Jeff and his team uncovered more architectural elements in the suggested gate area. The working hypotheses is that things are looking more and more “gate-like” and more and more like we may have an inner and outer gate with a bent approach between them. That said, we need further definite proof of this. There are also some nice contexts with the various stages in the gate area, from Iron IIA, Iron I/II and Iron IB. In addition to this, some apparent domestic contexts are being excavated in the gate vicinity.

Maria and her team in Area M are nicely exposing a great spread of the late Iron IIA “Hazael” destruction. This includes concentrations of vessels, installations, and the beginning of some nice mudbrick architecture.

The Area Y team, led by Jill, continues to expose some very interesting brick features and related contexts, which are located exactly where the remote sensing suggested. And here, our current working hypothesis, once again requiring serious confirmation, is that this might be related to pottery production. But we’ll know more next week…

All told, a great week with great finds, carried by a super team!

And here is our daily clip: