Great 1st day of 2nd week!

Today, Monday 2nd of July, 2018, was the first day of excavation of the 2nd week – and it’s a great start to what will be a great week!

Several things are going on:

Area D West has opened again for a brief, week long season, led by Vanessa. Vanessa and her team will be checking some stratigraphic issues relating to the metal working area discovered in previous seasons.

In Area D East, Jeff and his team are working away at various things connected to the gate. This includes taking down several large balks, exposing several new wall lines, excavating some Iron I and Iron IIA living surfaces, etc. A very nice find from today was a beautiful little scarab (see previous post on this)!

In Area M, Maria and her team of BIU students continued excavating a large amount of vessels, installations and other finds from the 9th cent. BCE destruction level that they found right below surface. Among the finds that were found today was a very nice, polished basalt pounding stone.

Jill and her Area Y team continued working on the very interesting brick built installation (a kiln? some sort of industrial installation?). In the other squares they continued digging and found some architecture and perhaps hints to other brick features.

We also had a nice visit today at the site, by Prof. Oded Lipschits of Tel Aviv University, co-director of the Azekah excavation team.

In the afternoon, I took the team for a visit to the very interesting site of Khirbet Qeiyafa.

And here’s our daily clip!