Update for Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018

Excavations today were went very well, with some nice finds in the various areas.

Area D West: Vanessa and her team are working in the metallurgy area and are defining some important aspects. This includes the definition of what may be an additional sub-phase in this area.

Area D East: Jeff and his team are working away, exposing more and more impressive elements in the gate area. They had some nice finds today, including a very nice metal object.

Area M: Maria and her team are busy exposing more and more vessels of the 9th cent destruction level – so much so that it’s getting hard to stand in some of the squares! Among the various finds was a very interesting square object made of faience, perhaps an Egyptian style votive statue base.

Area Y: Jill and her team are working on exposing what appears to be several installations. While we don’t yet know what they are – they are getting more and impress impressive!

Today was also the first time we pulled off the tarps first thing in the morning to take aerial photos with the drone – and it looks like this is working out well. Hopefully, we’ll post some pictures soon.

We also had a few visits today – including Karin Sowada from Macquarie University.

Here’s are daily clip!

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