Update for July 5th, 2018

We had quite a few nice finds today!

Here’s a quick review:

Area D West: Vanessa and her team are working on various sub-phases in the metallurgy area. They exposed a very nice cobble surface and other features, dating to Iron IIA and earlier

Area D East: Jeff and his team are exposing more parts of the gate area, with more and more interesting and impressive architectural features, as well as some nice domestic contexts.

Area Y: The architecture is getting more and more impressive. Somewhat surprisingly, the amount of pottery and other finds is rather limited. This is making our understanding of the function of this area somewhat challenging!

Area M: More and more concentrations of vessels and other finds are appearing in the area, along with various installations. Among other finds, a very nice so-called votive juglet was found, along with many other vessels.

Here`s the daily clip: