Update for Friday, July 6, 2018

Here is a quick update for the last day of excavations in the 2nd week, which all told, was a great week.

In Area D West, Vanessa and her team continued the stratigraphic probes in and around the metallurgy area. Of particular note are the earlier Iron Age contexts that they found below the Iron IIA metallurgy area – all of which show that the metallurgical activities commenced only in the late Iron IIA – in the phase destroyed by Hazael.

In Area D East, Jeff and his team continue to work in the gate area. This complex is getting more and more interesting – and more and more unusual. Currently, our understanding is that there is a bent axis approach in the gate. That said, if our interpretation is correct – we don’t have any good parallels for this.

In Area Y, Jill and her team continue to work on the very interesting architectural elements in the area. This includes several large concentrations of bricks, some rather large wall, and a context covered in pulverized chalk. Interestingly, there is relatively very small amounts of pottery and other small finds, perhaps indicating a special type of activity in this area.

In Area M, Maria and her team are digging in the midst of very impressive remains of the Hazael destruction level, with an enormous collection of vessels of various types. In some of the squares it is hard to work – due to the fact that all the square is covered in finds!

We now have down pat the procedures of taking aerial photographs with the drone first thing in the morning – which provide excellent documentation in the midst of the season for our progress.

We also had quite a lot of visitors this Friday, including Prof. Moshe Bar, head of the Gonda Interdisciplinary Brain Research Center at BIU, Prof. Lilach Rosenberg, chair of my department at BIU, and group of potential students in the department, as well as various family and friends of team members. In addition to this, we celebrated two birthdays of team members in the field. It was quite an exciting day!

We are all looking forward to the 3rd week – which will be the last full week of the excavation season. I’m sure we will have some great finds this coming week!

Here’s couple of pictures and the daily clip:

Here’s an aerial view of the lower city (with Areas K, Y, M and D) looking west








And here’s a nice aerial view of the upper tell – looking west








And here is our daily clip:




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  1. Goliath the Get-Height

    Very nice drone photos – gives a lot more context for the placements in the daily videos.
    Speaking of, where is this one? Hope to see more of that emerging gate structure in D East!


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