Great day!

Today was really a great day on the dig!

We had a ton of cool finds and several interesting visits.

In Area M, Maria and her team are funding tons of stuff!!! :-) Oodles of pottery vessels of various kinds and other finds, including a complete juglet, two hematite beads, some faience objects, and other stuff – all part of the impressive Iron IIA destruction.

In Area Y, Jill and her team have more and more impressive architecture and it’s looking more and more that the concentration of chalk maybe connected to some production aspect.

In Area D East, Jeff and his team are exposing more and more very impressive aspects of the city gate area, and it seems that we are beginning to understand that is going on here. So far, it looks like that this is a bent axis gate, with only one built side (!!!), and a winding stepped path going into the city. Quite cool – and very unusual! As far as finds, the team found a nice copper pin – and a couple of modern bullets – perhaps evidence of what happened on site exactly 70 years ago, on July 9th, 1948, when the Arab village of Tell es-Safi was captured by the Israeli army!

In Area D West, Vanessa and her team were working mainly on defining various stratigraphic aspects, but also found a very nice complete juglet in an Iron I level.

We also had some visits today, including Mati, the head of the local regional council, some representatives of one of the nearby power plants who will be funding a bike path leading to the tell, Dr. Oren Ackermann, our geomorphologist, and Prof. Michael Hasel, co-director of the 4th Lachish Expedition.

In previous posts I put up some pictures, and here is the daily clip: