Update for Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Today was a totally busy day, running from one thing to the other. The film crew that is working with me on a MOOC on biblical archaeology was on site all day, so in between everything, I was filming all day.

We also had a few visits, including a large group of YU students who came to dig for half a day, and Ronen Hazan and Zemah Ouzirat from HU.

In Area M, Maria and her team found tons of stuff. This included a complete juglet, loomweights, a bronze arrowhead, and TONS of pottery.

Jill and her team are working on understanding the fascinating brick and chalk features – and finally are starting to get some pottery!

Jeff and his team are really making great headway in understanding the gate and related features – and the stratigraphy related to it. Cool stuff.

And Vanessa and her team found some additional levels below the Iron IIA metallurgy – including possible evidence of earlier bronze related metal production in the Iron I/II!

Unfortunately, no clip for today, but here’s a couple of great aerial shots of the site from the east – one of the upper city and one of the lower, taken by the drone this morning:



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