Great one day mini-season in Area M!

Yesterday (Oct. 18, 2018) we were out for a one day mini-season in Area M – and it was great! Part of the Safi lab staff and a bunch of BIU students went out for a day of excavations in Area M, in the lower city (Maria’s area), to take down a balk filled with pottery, that was left standing after the season. We were afraid that if it was left open until the summer, people might poke at it and destroy it.

It was a great day! Not only did we have great weather, the team was excellent, and there were some really nice finds! This includes a whole bunch of restorable vessels, and always fun – 3 whole juglets (including one Black-on-Red, “Cypro-Phoenician” juglet)!

In addition, I walked around a looked at the other areas in the lower city – and they look happy!

Here are some pictures from the day, both of the work in Area M, views of the other areas, a view of the tell from the north, and of course, a group photo of the team at the end of the day!


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