Microarchaeology in Area F

This afternoon, just after the MOOC went online, I drove to Tell es-Safi/Gath, to meet Prof. Elisabetta Boaretto (WIS) and Dr. Michael Toffolo (Université Bordeaux-Montaigne), to do some microarchaeological sampling, from a very interesting context in Area F. This is in a square, right inside the EB and MB fortifications, which had been excavated previously under the supervision of Prof. Jeff Chadwick (BYU).

We had already done some sampling in this area before (see here), but due to the very interesting results – and many more questions – we decided to return for another round of sampling (and maybe more will be required).

While I can’t tell a lot of what we found, as the research is still ongoing, there are some very interesting concentrations of phytoliths, ash, burned materials and brick detritus, located in the sediment layers of the latest EB and early MB contexts in this area.

See here some pictures that I took of the work. And since it is already after the first rains – everything around the tell was very, very green!