Debate on the early Philistines – TAU 12/12/18

Two weeks ago, I participated in a very interesting seminar at Tel Aviv University, where Prof. Shlomo Bunimovitz and myself debated the understanding and origins of the early Philistines. Shlomo claimed that the early Philistine originated from a distinct region in the Aegean (most probably the eastern Aegean), and only after the initial phase, did the Philistine culture begin the show mixed cultural influences.

On the other hand, I argued, as I’ve written often, that the Philistines did not originate from one region, but rather, the originate from various regions to the west of the Levant, and from the very early phase of the Philistine culture, it was mixed, entangled culture.

The debate was in Hebrew, and for those interested, a recording can be found here.