Hebrew, Portuguese and soon Spanish video captions for the Biblical Archaeology MOOC!

As mentioned previously, the online course (MOOC) on Biblical Archaeology is going very well, and as of yesterday, 2100 participants have registered for the course!

Now we have some nice news about this. The entire course is in English, but to enable those interested in the course who don’t know enough English to follow it, there are now captions for the videos in the Hebrew, Portuguese (so far from the videos in Lesson 1, but more to follow), and I hope very soon in Spanish as well!

So, if any friends, family, colleagues or students are interested, and this will make it possible for them to follow the course – do them to register!

And if anyone (preferably with a background in biblical archaeology so as to know the relevant terms) is interested in volunteering to try and translate the video captions into other languages, do get in touch with me!

And BTW – just to get you and others more interested, in the lesson that will go online this coming Wednesday (January 23, 2019), in addition to some very interesting aspects of Israelite and Judahite culture and daily life, we will have a video on making biblical period food (and accompanying recipes to that participants can try them out on their own!). This was a lot of fun!



P.S. And thanks to Jorge Fabbro for the Portuguese translation!