Final Lesson of the MOOC is online!

Today (Wed., Feb. 6, 2019) the 8th and final lesson of the MOOC on biblical archaeology went online. You can still register, and study, this round of the course until Feb. 20th. Those who sign up before that date will have access (full access for those who register for certification, and partial access [only to video clips] for those who register for auditing only).

All told, close to 2400 students registered from the course, from all over the world!

The MOOC will run again in the first semester of the next academic year at BIU (which starts in Oct. 2019). At that time, I hope we will have captions for the videos in English, Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian and French – and perhaps a few additional languages as well.

So – if you missed registering and doing the MOOC this time – you’ll have another opportunity in a few months!

I had a lot of fun preparing this MOOC, had some great help from my assistants and the technical team of “Online Academe” – and from the responses of many of the participants – they had a great and enriching experience as well!