Handheld LIDAR scanning of cave at Maresha

Last year, Boaz Zissu, Rafi Kent and yours truly received an equipment grant from the ISF to purchase some really cool equipment. This included a airborne LIDAR scanner (carried on a drone) and a hand held LIDAR scanner (GeoSLAM Zeb-Revo).

We are now in the process of starting to use this equipment and several students at BIU are being trained in the use of the equipment.

A couple of weeks ago, Itamar Berko, who is an MA student in our department, did a LIDAR scan of a rather complex cave at Maresha. He walked around the cave for about 40 minutes, holding the scanner. Then, based on the collected data, he produced a really cool 3D model of the cave.

See this link to check out the 3D model. Try it out and move around in the cave – it is quite astounding!

And this is the result of a very short scan! Imagine the detail that could be produced from a much more extended scan!

Definitely very cool. We hope to start using these tools in various manners in the near future.