Spanking new entrance to Tell es-Safi/Gath

On Wednesday, I had the honor to participate in the dedication ceremony for the new entrance to the Tel Zafit National Park (Tell es-Safi/Gath). The funding for this entrance (and the bike path leading to it) was donated by “Dalia Power Energies“, the company that runs one of the two electric power stations near the tell, in memory of Mr. Eyal Shapira, z”l, who was a member of their board of directors. Thanks so much their donation – and for the Nature and Parks Authority who facilitated the donation and making these plans happen!

The work including fixing up the road leading up to the site, the main entrance road to the tell itself, and the area of the parking at the base of the site. This included a great parking area, some very nice shaded picnic areas, and some very nice signs, both on the way to the tell, and in and around the site itself.

This is a very substantial and important addition to the site, as it makes the site much more accessible to the public. In addition, the Nature and Parks Authority fixed up (and even changed) some of the paths on the site, making them much more easier for use.

This will be important for the team as well in the coming season. The road to the site is much better, and the buses and other vehicles will be able to drive in a much easier manner to the site. In addition, the breakfast area is now really nice – which will make our breakfast and fruit breaks much more enjoyable!

Below are some pictures of the ceremony and the new entrance.

Those of you who are familiar with the site from previous years will be quite surprised with the changes!

See as well the views of the tell. While it’s not as green as it was even a week or two ago, it’s still quite overgrown due to the massive rainfall this winter.