Workshop on LB/Iron Age transition at Miqne-Ekron, Qubur Walayda and Megiddo East

On Thursday, May 16th, I participated in the workshop on the LB/Iron Age transition at the sites of Tel Miqne-Ekron, Qubur al-Walayda and Megiddo East, that was held at the Albright Institute in Jerusalem.

The workshop was organized by Ann Killebrew (Penn State), and in it, Ann, Gunnar Lehmann (BGU) and Aaron Greener (Albright), presented about these three sites.

Ann and Gunnar each presented a detailed survey of the stratigraphy and finds relating to the time frame covering the late LB and early Iron I at Miqne (Ann) and Qubur (Gunnar), followed by a short presentation by Aaron on the LB/Iron I finds from Megiddo East.

A lively discussion developed during and right after each lecture, with various members of the archaeological community in Israel participating.

After the lectures, the workshop participants then moved to look at a great selection of pottery from the relevant levels at this sites, which was set up in the Albright basement. A very interesting and lively discussion of these finds developed as well.

This was a fascinating workshop, with many insights. For me, in addition to seeing some really nice pottery from these sites that I had not seen previously, I came away with the impression that the finds from these sites only emphasize, the complex nature of the LB/Iron Age transition, and how many of the “standard,” and rather linear, explanations on this transition are in need of refinement, a more complex understanding – and even revision!