Some of the 2019 season objectives

So it’s just one week before the beginning of the 2010 season, and it’s a great opportunity to present some of the objectives (not all…) for this season.

As in the previous season, we will be excavating in several areas in the lower city, that is the relatively flat part of the site, to the north of the tell and up to the Elah Valley Riverbed. There will be several areas:

Area D East (directed by Jeff Chadwick): we will continue excavating in the gate area, attempting to better define the gate and its various phases, and understand the various features, rooms and other aspects in its vicinity.

Area K (directed by Eric Welch): after a one year break, Eric will be back in Area K, and will be expanding the area to the north, to try and connect the previously excavated features with the large wall just above the riverbed. We hope to try and understand that this is, how it relates to the features in Area K, and perhaps, get a good date for the activity in this area.

Area K2 (directed by Brent Davis): This area is also renewing work after a one year break. In the 2017 season, we excavated a portion of the monumental, multi-phased wall situated on the slope going down towards the river bed, just to the west of Area K. Previously, we excavated Iron IIA levels within this wall. This year, we will try and reach the top of this wall from inside the city, and try and see if there are elements that are built up against it.

Area Y (directed by Jill Katz): Continuing last year’s work, where some very interesting Iron I (not Iron IIA!) features were found, including what appears to be a brick kiln and an installation for the production of a plaster like chalk material. We intend to expand the area, particularly to the north and east, hoping to further understand these features, their function and date – and how they relate to other finds in the lower city.

Arean M (directed by Maria Eniukhina): last year we excavated 4 squares chock-full of finds from the 9th cent BCE destruction level  (wrought by Hazael). This year, we continue and expand in this area, in an attempt to further understand the phasing and architecture, and perhaps to uncover more rooms and possible alleyway, which was discerned in the remote sensing (by Andy Creekmore).

These are some of the objectives in the various areas, along with some others that we are thinking of – and those that will undoubtedly pop up as we start excavating.

And, as always, we are hoping from some truly astounding finds! (I wouldn’t mind an inscription, by Hazael, telling us about his conquest of Gath…:-).

I’m getting excited…