First day in the field of the 2019 season!

The 2019 season is off to a great start. Yesterday, the team gathered at Kfar Menahem, and it looks like we have a great team (just under 100 for week 1 and 2).

So today (Monday, June 23, 2019) was the first day in the field of the 2019 season. And yes, it was hot and the team spent most of the day cleaning, fixing up shades and areas, and all kinds of not-that-fun activities, but – by the end of the day, all five areas were ready. And tomorrow, early in the morning, we will have five fully function areas starting to dig! What a team!!

In addition, we have some guests on site for the first week. A team from the Israel Antiquities Authority is excavating a square just to the south of Area D (near the main parking lot of the site) and already after two days, have found some very impressive architecture, and some very nice finds (including an almost complete strainer bowl), all from the Iron IIA (Hazael) destruction. So, we now have another point on the map of the impressive character of the Iron Age lower city. In fact, their finds looks so nice, I’m considering extending this area next year, and opening some more squares around it!

And in addition to it all, yesterday we had a field trip to visit the upper tell at Tell es-Safi/Gath, and today, some of the team went for a visit to nearby Tel Azekah.

Things are looking good!

And here is the daily clip