Update for Thursday, July 4, 2019

We had a find filled day today, with some very nice things uncovered in various areas. In addition, we had a few visitors, including representatives of the Yoav Regional Council (led by the mayor, Dr. Mati Harkabi), and some archaeological colleagues including Stefan Munger, Eran Arie, and Alegre Savariego.

In Area K, we had quite a nice discovery – a massive wall, built of large stone, in a deep sounding on the northern side of the area. This most logically appears to be part of the fortification. The depth of this feature is quite surprising, more than a meter below the Iron IIA levels. Based on its orientation and sherds found near it, it probably dates to the Iron I! It appears then that the Iron I in the lower city of Tell es-Safi/Gath, is much more extensive – and impressive – than previously thought.

Similarly, in Area Y, several additional large walls were discovered, seemingly built up against the brick installations from this and last year. And, when we look at the overall plan that is beginning to appear, it looks like we have quite a large, and rather impressive, Iron I building this area! Once again, evidence of the impressive nature of the Iron I activity in the easternmost part of the lower city.

What can I say – this site never ceases to surprise!

In Area M, a second round stone installation, most probably another olive press was fully delineated. While we say this last year, we now have its full dimensions. In addition, additional wall, features and vessels were uncovered in the area.

In Area B, the team is digging deep down, trying to find the earlier phases of the city wall. We hope this will appear in the coming days.

In Area D, additional parts of the city wall, gate and 2 m high standing brick walls (and our window…) are being exposed. Things are looking great!

We did some aerial photography today, and we also made the annual group aerial photograph. I hope to post this in the coming days – I think it came out really nice!

See below some photos from today, with various views, team members and finds!

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