Ackerman Family Workshop volume has appeared!

Great news! The proceedings volume of the Ackerman Family Workshop in Biblical Archaeology, which was held at BIU in 2014, has appeared!

The volume is entitled:

Maeir, A. M., Itzhaq, S., and Mckinny, C. (eds.). 2019. The Late Bronze and Early Iron Age of Southern Canaan. Archaeology of the Biblical Worlds 2. Berlin: de Gruyter.

It is part of the new series: Archaeology of the Biblical Worlds 2, which is put out by de Gruyter, as part of the Encyclopedia of Bible and Its Reception project.

The volume includes papers on various topics relating to the LB and early Iron Age of Canaan, some presented at the conference as well as a few invited ones (see here for the Table of Contents).

Check it out!