Update for Tuesday, July 9th, 2019

Another great day (even if a little hot…) on the tell!

The very cool news (not in the sense of temperature…) are the fascinating and very impressive remains coming out in all the areas.

In Areas K, B and Y, more and more extremely impressive architecture is appearing, of truly monumental size, at impressive depths. As of now, it appears that most of this dates to the Iron I, and we seem to have the making of some extraordinarily impressive features coming out in the eastern part of the lower tell. So much so, we are all making suggestions regarding possible functions (fortifications? gate? temple? public architecture? who knows…).

In Area D, additional aspects relating to the gate have appeared. On the one hand, we seem to understand this gate a bit more; on the other, things just get more complicated.

In Area M, more and more finds from the Hazael destruction are appearing. We took samples from sediments in the new round installation (possible olive press) – which hopefully will give us some idea of what this was used for!

We also had a few visitors today, including Baruch Brandl and Zvika Greenhut of the IAA, Ronen Hazan and Michael Klutstein (HU), and a news team from the Italian RAI channel.

As today was Argentina’s Independence Day, we flew an Argentinean flag for Flor!

Here are some pictures from today:

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