Update for Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Another fun filled and find filled day at the tell! :-)

The areas in the eastern lower city (Y, K, B) are producing more and more impressive architecture – most (if not all) dating to the Iron I! This is starting to look really cool – more evidence of the massive nature of the lower city in the Iron I. It starting to look like we may be on the way to finding a truly monumental fortification in this area. Is this a gate? Is this a corner of the fortification? Are there other monumental features and structures here? Only time will tell – and it looks like we won’t have answers this season…there is a lot more to dig…

In Area M we have more of the Hazael destruction, including many more vessels, several loomweights, a jar stopper and other interesting things. Fun as always.

In Area D, more and more details of the gate are coming out. In addition, it appears that the window that we identified in one of the brick walls, near the gate, may in fact be turning into a door! Cool!

We also had quite a few visitors on site today, including Prof Ami Mazar (HU), Mr Shlomo Zohar (Chairman of the Board of Directors of BIU), and a group from the Ashkelon College, led by Dr. Ayelet Levi, herself formerly a Safi team member!

And BTW – was it hot today…:-)

2 thoughts on “Update for Wednesday, July 10, 2019

  1. Lizbeth Glickman

    Wow! Am enjoying the daily posts so much! Love following this adventure and wish could have volunteered this summer. Wondering, anything found with any inscriptions so far?


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