Safi lab fun day in the City of David

Today, the Safi lab team had a City of David “fun day.” The Safi team met at the City of David in Jerusalem for a half day tour of some of the more recent finds in various parts of the site.

We started with a great tour of the “Givati Parking Lot” excavations, by Prof. Yuval Gadot (TAU). Particularly impressive were the recently discovered Iron Age IIB/C remains, including some really cool contexts of the 586 BCE destruction.

We then continued for about 4 hours in various parts of the City of David with Dr. Joe Uziel (IAA) and got a fascinating tour of MB, Iron II and Roman-Byzantine finds from various parts of the site.

Once the tour was over, part of the group went for lunch in the Mamilla mall, just outside Jaffa Gate.

Really nice day! See below some pictures in the various areas that we visited.