My fight with the Russian hackers reaches the news!

I already mentioned the “interesting” experience that I had, this past Monday, when a group of Russian hackers attacked and briefly managed to disrupt my zoom lecture (in Hebrew) on the Philistines. They were not successful, since after about a minute or two, we (me and Erez, my assistant for this lecture) managed to knock them off, and out, of the lecture, and I continued the lecture for the next 45 minutes or so (the entire lecture can be seen on our departmental YouTube channel and also below).

Apparently, one of the participants in the lecture thought this was quite something, and passed it on to Or Ravid, of Channel 12 news, who then tweeted about this  (along with BIUs and other responses, all in Hebrew).

Here’s a screen shot of the tweet and BIU’s response:

All told, this was quite an experience, the brave new world of zoom lecturing, but I think we handled it quite well!

For a video of the entire lecture, including the “hacker interlude” – see below:

HT to Anat, the BIU spokesperson.

2 thoughts on “My fight with the Russian hackers reaches the news!

  1. I think this was foretold in Ezekiel 32:30, “There be the princes of the north, all of them, and all the Zoomians, which are gone down with the slain…”


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