Who were the Philistines? An English lecture!

For those of you who didn’t hear me live, I just gave a lecture, as part of an English series of Zoom lectures on various topics relating to the history and archaeology of the Land of Israel (see details below), on “Who were the Philistines?”

To watch the lecture, click on the YouTube link below. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Who were the Philistines? An English lecture!

  1. Interesting.
    OK Per the YeC Moshe Emes series for Torah and science alignment:
    like most current academics this assumes the inflated Hellenized chronology that always has gaps and never fully adds up, but a lot f interesting info.
    For example Egypt was founded 1400 years rounded more recently (1 Sothic cycle) than consensus.
    Aligns well with what we know from scripture, the Captorim were related to the Pelishtim, and at some point/s, came from Cyprus, and or Greece area, and settled w/ the Pelishtim.
    Also a lot of interaction between the Children of Israel Tribe of Dan.. that at times were oppressed by the Pelishtim..Such as prior to, and early, Samson, that was a bit before the EA Letter span.
    Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.
    After all how much evidence do we have from pre- and early Dynasty Egypt that allegedly lasted x hundreds of years.
    So no reason to doubt the record of Abraham and Isaac visiting and living in the Gaza region concurrent with fledgling Pelishtim occupation therein..
    Pelishti founder of the Peishtim is a grandson of Mizrayim.
    Abraham built the functioning wells, the Pelishtim were not engineers, as were jealous, and filled them in. With an attitude like that the economy sucked and no one was going to invest long term in somethin of lasting value.
    This was starting about 2047 anno-mundi within about 41 years of the founding of Mizrayim by Mizrayim about 2006 not long after the founding of Mizrayim. Into the first or second dynasty.
    As Joseph elevated to viceroy mid-3rd dynasty, by Djoser.
    Interesting w/ Achish, aka Abi-Malku who may have ruled both, Ekron and Gath, perhaps a lot more.
    For example one may have been summer, winter, or harvest time retreat.
    If from the EA El Amarna span or not long thereafter, it would be the same Achish and son Huram that befriended King David.
    keep up the good work, and try to study, consider and disclose, the competing hypothesis, that assumes Torah testimony is fully valid using the Torah chronology, in order not to create a straw -man logical fallacy.
    We have a nice section of Pelishti chronology and find they founded Phoenician culture further North in the Levant about the time of Achish and King David. So a bit before Ramses II.
    reference volume III Torah Discovery Chronology for the alignment of Torah testimony and ancient civ.


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