Registration re-awakening!

In the last week or so, there has been a re-awakening in interest in signing up for the 2021 season at Tell es-Safi/Gath. While it looks like some of the institutions won’t be sending official groups, several of the staff, students and volunteers from abroad, who are interested in coming on their own, seem to be more interested. I believe this is due to the fact that more and more people all over the world are getting vaccinations!

This is great news! So while we may not have as many groups as in past seasons, it looks like we will be able to be out in the field, hopefully excavating in several areas in the lower city. With both students and staff from Israel, along with team members from abroad, I hope we will be able to continue excavations in the gate area (in Area D East, directed by Jeff), in Area M (directed by Maria) in the eastern part of the lower city, where we have great remains from the 9th century BCE destruction level (including houses, olive oil installations and other finds), and in the the new Area X (to be directed by Shira), which is the area where the IAA excavated a small trench in 2019 (just to the south of Area D East, on the other side of the parking lot), and found what seems to be a large building (public structure?) with finds from the 9th century BCE destruction. We hope to expand this new area to understand what this is. If the Yeshiva University group, led by Jill Katz will be able to join us, then we will continue excavations in Area Y, the fascinating Iron I area in the eastern part of the lower city.

So – now’s the time to get your shots (or set up a appointment to get them), and register for the 2021 season! This may be the final, full scale season in the project, so don’t miss your chance to join us – and then feel bad for eternity – that you missed out on this chance…:-)

Dig we must!