First pre-2021 season visit to Gath

Today, I went out the Tell es-Safi/Gath to meet the Israel Nature and Park Authority inspector, Liad, to discuss the plans for the 2021 season. The tell is looking good – but full of thorns – and the vegetation is very much drying out, and most of the green from the summer rains is gone.

Here are some photos of the tell and the various areas in the lower city – check it out!

No question – the excitement is beginning to build up! July is just around the corner!!!

2 thoughts on “First pre-2021 season visit to Gath

  1. Matthew O'Dowd

    Dear Dr. Meir, You personally are vital for me, because you do not write Hollywood Bible epics out of your data. I have a bad feeling about even Israel Finkelstein these days. Such Solomonic carry-on has polluted Irish archaeology into Sinn Fein worship. Personally I date Israel from 850 (before my own God-man),

    Yours, Matt O’Dowd, Dublin.


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