Update for Thursday, July 15th, 2021

What a scorcher it was today, and we had some really cool finds!

In Area S, Shira and her team finally came down on the 9th cent BCE destruction level associate with the very large building in this area. Interestingly, some of the vessels appear to be of types not seen in other areas, perhaps hinting to a different function of this area.

In Area D East, Jeff and his team are working on sections of the fortifications. As of now, it appears that the “breach theory” is still relevant, as there may be a missing part of the wall here. In addition, the very large section of the earliest phase of the wall is built of two courses of enormous stones – and we hope to have a date for this by the end of the season.

In Area M, Maria and her team continue exposing the 9th cent destruction level in many squares. Interesting finds today include a lot of pottery, loomweights, and perhaps an additional stone “bathtub” – which is most likely an olive oil press. Possible support for this came from a large complete jar situated near one of these installations, which when excavated contained large amount of sediment that were dark and “oily”. Many samples were taken and hopefully, various analyses will be able to check out the content.

We had quite a few visitors today, including Omer Sergi (TAU) and Johanna Regev (WIS).

And one more day to the end of week 2!

Check out the photos below: