Update for Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Very nice day today in the field, with a lot of finds and a bunch of visitors.

In Area M, Maria and her team are deep in the 9th cent BCE destruction level, with oodles of finds, including a large collection of various vessels and objects in the new stone tub (olive press). This includes jars, loomweights, a “beer jug” and other things.

In Area S, Shira and her team are uncovering more and more vessels and walls relating to the large building.

In Area D East, Jeff and his team had some really nice finds. This includes the earlier part of the fortification which gets bigger and bigger (and more and more complicated to understand) and the section with the great phytolith layer(s), which now has a pavement underneath it! This area is going to provide a lot of information!

We had quite a few visitors, including some of my family (including my mother and brother in law), Amir and Vladi from the IAA, Ido, Helena and others from TAU, and a bunch of old friends including Toni and Meir.

Finally, Maria caught a great shot of a lizard (apparently a skink), eating a grasshopper (see below). A real National Geographic shot!