Update for Thursday, July 22, 2021

Very nice day today! Some great finds, visits and we finished off the day with a great visit and party!

In Area D West, Jeff and his team continued to expose more of the enormous earlier fortifications in the riverbed. To check out where they reach, we brought in a backhoe that dug down to the side of the existing wall, deep down, so as to reveal the extent of the wall. In addition, they continued working on the section in the brick walls to the west of the gate – may have evidence of another path leading into the city! Time will tell what this is!

In Area S, Shira and her team excavated several more contexts related the large building, including an apparent tabun/oven (which was sampled extensively), and a new area with tons of pottery.

Maria and her team, in Area M, continued revealing the 9th cent BCE destruction. Among other things, we now have the complete plan of one of the houses in this area, which may very well enable us to understand the basic house plan used in this and other houses in this area. In addition, several large vessels, and other cool finds were excavated, and we began removing the concentration of loomweights (which of course, as always, as soon as you remove one layer, more appear…).

A group from the Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology dept at BIU joins us today for a few hours and helped on the dig.

In the late afternoon, we went to Tel Azekah for a tour, led by Oded Lipschits (TAU). After that we were invited for a really nice end of the week bar-b-que party with the Tel Azekah team (at Kibbutz Netiv HaLamed Heh), which ended with a jazz concert! Thanks to Oded and the Azekah team for hosting us!

Great day!