Publish—or the finds will perish!

A short article that I wrote for Bible History Daily appeared recently, in which I explain why I’ve scaled down the excavations at Gath (no more big seasons!) in order to facilitate research and publication, and not leave the results to be published decades later (as often has happened with past excavations).

Instead of the famous “publish or perish” dictum, and I say “publish—or the finds will perish”.

Check it out!

For a more extensive discussion of this, see here my article in PEQ on this.

One thought on “Publish—or the finds will perish!

  1. Nathan

    Congratulations on finishing what has indeed been an important long term project! And good luck with the final publications! Oh if only the discovery of Hazael’s stele could have served as the capstone to the project! Unless…there’s something we don’t know about yet? O_O


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