Jewelry hoard!

So today, I’m sitting in a session at the 18th World Congress of Jewish Studies currently being held at the Mount Scopus Campus of the Hebrew University, and I get a WhatsApp message from Eden Rosenberg, who works with Ronen Hazan at the Dental School of the Ein Karem Campus of the Hebrew University. Eden, as part of her MA, was checking the contents of a juglet from the Hazael destruction layer in Area M in the lower city (Maria’s area; destroyed ca. 830 BCE), hoping to conduct microbiological analysis of this vessel’s contents (for previous research with Ronen, see here)

Eden informs me that as she started emptying the sediment in the vessel, more and more beads starting popping up, as well as a gold earing, a seal (with its bezel), glass beads, and other finds!

Needless to say, I immediately ran to my car, and drove Mt. Scopus to Ein Karem, to see the finds! VERY COOL!

See below Eden standing next to her discovery – and a slightly closer view of the finds. The finds will now be sent to the conservation lab, and then we’ll start working on studying and publishing the finds.

What’s quite noteworthy is that this is the first (!!!) hoard that we found at Gath, including in the Hazael destruction level.

That’s what’s so cool about archaeology – there is a potential surprise waiting everywhere!