Online course (MOOC) in Biblical Archaeology starts again!

My online course (MOOC) on Biblical Archaeology is about to start its 6th cycle – on November 1st, 2022.

Join the thousands of students who have taken this course in the last 4 years, and have had an enriching and enjoyable experience learning about the archaeology of Iron Age Judah and Israel (and related issues). The course was made in an engaging and interactive manner, with short lectures, visits to archaeological sites in Israel, discussions with leading scholars on various issues (including with Israel Finkelstein, Amihai Mazar, Elisabetta Boaretto and Marc Brettler), online “hands on” 3D models of objects, and other cool pedagogic tools.

I invite you to take this course, have a great time – and learn all about “Biblical Archaeology: The Archaeology of Ancient Israel and Judah“!

If you have already taken the course, do recommend it to your friends, family, students and colleagues!

Be there – or be square!

Here are some comments from students that took the course:

The course was absolutely fantastic!!!!! I was very excited to continue my studies in biblical archaeology…The didactics used based on: 1- Text 2 – Video – Especially in excavations 3 – 3D View 4 – Quiz it was excellent!!! VERY productive!!!!! I started and could not stop until finish the course…The course also made me want to volunteer to participate in an excavation…Thank you very much indeed! Brilliant!!!!

For me, this course was really fascinating. I have learned a lot and I have assumed how much I still have to learn, which is almost more important because it is a stimulus to continue acquiring knowledge. Thank you very much Professor Aren Maeir. His classes were really illustrative and his way of presenting them very pedagogical … and without forgetting a good sense of humor. I hope to continue with more courses here. I would just add that it would be nice if the text lessons were in a doc. pdf to be able to download and archive them. Warm regards, and I hope you can offer us more courses in the future. Thank you very much again.

This course is very well structured and the knowledge is profound!

I really enjoyed the course. Loved the interviews with archaeologists or experts in other archaeologically-related fields. Especially liked the interview with Israel Finkelstein. All the lectures were excellent and I enjoyed the various interactions. The only element that was missing was field work, but the course made me eager to get in the dirt and get busy.

It is always great to have an instructor who is passionate about what s/he is teaching. Aren truly opened the door for me to “dig” deeper into the history of the Levant and surrounding areas during the Bronze and Iron Ages.

I loved this course! Aren you made it easy to listen and learn. Your enthusiasm was contagious! I hope I can do a dig someday.

I’d like to thank you prof. Aren Maeir. You made me love archaeology. I’m fascinated to this course. I’ve learned so much and my mind is still burning with all the knowledge I gained. This inspired me to continue to study that wonderful world of Ancient History.

This was really a very excellent, high-quality course and I’d like to thank Prof. Aren Maeir as well as everyone who contributed to it. I’ve had the privilege of attending what are considered to be some great, leading universities worldwide (McGill, ETHZ, Ecole Polytechnique, ENS), and this course is right up there with the best of them!

I very much enjoyed this course. I’m sad that it’s over. This course has given me a passion to continue to learn more about Biblical archeology. Thank you to Aren Maeir for making this course interesting. I love his enthusiasm.

Thanks for this course – one of the better MOOCs certainly! Clear, informative, varied and interesting.