Winter morning at Safi!

Nothing better than getting out to the tell for a few hours, on a nice winter morning! This morning, a few team members (me, Shira, Maria, Shani and Noam) met at the tell to conduct some aerial photography on the eastern upper tell (mainly on and around Area P). We managed to take the photos, but also had a great time with the beautiful views, green, flowers, weather (right after a short rain), and the great winter smells! There is nothing more invigorating than such a visit.

And walking around the area above Area P, we seem to have found some very nice sections of the city wall, most probably connecting to the wall in Area P, and wall noted by Bliss and Macalister!

In the photos, you’ll may notice the “Naked Ladies” – no – not human naked ladies (I would NEVER post that…), but the small beautiful pinkish flowers (also known as Autumn Crocuses or סתווניות in Hebrew – probably Colchicum stevenii)! :-)

Great morning – and we are already back at BIU.

And if I may paraphrase someone famous: “I love the smell of Tell es-Safi/Gath on a winter morning…it smells of victory” :-)