Safi lab team outing to the Israel Museum

Today, the Safi lab team had a very nice team trip to the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

We visited the excellent Adornment: Jewelry and Body Decoration in Prehistoric Times exhibition, and received an excellent explanation about it by the exhibit’s curator (and curator for prehistory of the IMJ), Ahiad Ovadia. The collection of items in the exhibit is quite spectacular, and I highly recommend visiting it!

We then went on to visit the IAA State coin collection which is located in the IAA offices at the IMJ. There, Yaniv Levy, former Safi staff member, and currently one of the coin collection staff, gave us an excellent tour of this totally fantastic collection of coins. He showed to us (and let us handle) some really unique coins, from various periods, cultures and sites. A real treat!

See some pictures of our visit below: