And then of course there are the “less serious moments”

So that you don’t think we are always serious, at the same time they were doing cutting-edge science in Area A, here’s what was going on in Area F …

Jeff Chadwick and Yonatan Adler (doctoral candidate, BIU; assistant supervisor in Area F) re-enacting the battle between David and Goliath. Note the realistic props

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Some of the “goings on” in Area A

As mentioned in previous posts, Louise Hitchcock and her team in Area A2, came up with some very interesting finds. Among others, and probably most importantly, they excavated a small portion of an early Iron IIA level, most probably dating to the 10th or early 9th century BCE, which had on it typical early Iron Age IIA pottery (decorated with red slipped, handburnished surfaces), a fragment of a clay seal impression dating to ca. the reign of Siamun (in the 10th century BCE [NOT a seal with the name of Siamun as has been spread in some rumours…]) and a round, pebbled hearth.

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Just a nice picture

Hi! I just came back from vacavation and found a mess load of photos of the work in Area D that had been taken by Lotte Vandorpe, one of the volunteers in the excavation (sent through Amit Dagan). So that you know what I meant by A LOT OF FINDS IN AREA D, here is a photograph of a regular “day at the office” this season in Area D.

Please – try not to salivate on your keyboard … :-)

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update for July 28

Well, interesting things are still appearing, even in the last week…

In Area E, we excavated an almost complete skeleton of an equid, apparently a donkey, found in the late EB levels, apparently in a pit.

In Area P, Rona has found a nice collection of rodent skeletal material in the material that was collected from the Iron I food storage room with the Phytolith level. Right below this, a rich level with late LB pottery was found – this is what awaits us in the next season.

In Area D – the finds are simply astounding, more an more vessels are appearing – next year we will have a lot of fun …

That’s all for now …


Update for the end of the third week of excavations – some important finds!

We finished the 3rd week of excavations now, and are about to start the 4th and final week. The 3rd week was absolutely astounding, with some phenomenal results from different areas and periods.

Several noteworthy finds can be mentioned:
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Some great finds from the last days!

Just a quick update on some very nice finds from the last few days:

Area A: Louise and her team have pulled out a extraordinary electrum crescent-shaped pendant (LB/Iron I) and fragments of a very nice Myc IIIB pyxis
Diana and her team are working in the 9th cent. destruction level and have discovered a large group of vessels, some loomweights, etc.

Area D: Joe and his team are finding a “ton” of finds form the destruction level, including several complete vessels (including a really nice “Akhziv ware” juglet) and parts of a food preparation area with a collection of 8 or so grinding stones.

Area E: Itzik and his team have found a small copper point from the EB levels and gamepiece.

Area F: Jeff is excavating several Iron Age levels, the MB fortification and the Crusader tower and perhaps, may have evidence of the 8th cent. earthquake mentioned in the book of Amos!!!

Area G: They’ve found bedrock!!

Area P: Rona and her team are excavating a great early Iron I level, with the granary already mentioned a various other architectural and other finds.

That’s it for now!