An Invitation to Join the Tell es-Safi/Gath Archaeological Project as a Partner or as a Supporter
The Tell es-Safi/Gath Archaeological Project intends to continue studying the archaeology and history of this fascinating site in the years to come. In the past years of our work at the site, we have discovered a rich array of unique and exciting finds, relating to various cultures and periods, but in particular, those that open a window of opportunity for the study of the culture and history of the biblical Philistines.In addition to the options that exist that enable you to join us as a team member on the project, either as a volunteer or as student in the two field school options (see “Join Us”), there are additional options through which one can participate in, and contribute to, the project.

1) Institutional Affiliation: The project welcomes institutions from all over the world to join us in the project. Various options for affiliations with the project can be arranged (such as organized groups of volunteers and/or students; research-related affiliation; etc). We already have forged extremely fruitful ties with various institutions and people, and welcome additional affiliations. As the project is, by definition, an inter- and multi-disciplinary project, we welcome people with diverse research interests and perspectives.

For more information, please contact Prof. Aren Maeir, Tel.: ++972-3-54-620-5082.

2) Donations and Support: Modern archaeological research is one of the most extensively interdisciplinary fields of modern science. As such, the ongoing research, which enables us to uncover, analyze, and publish the fascinating finds from this fascinating site is a very costly venture. This includes the field work itself (with the various equipment, analyses and methods used in the field), the diverse laboratory activities (such as pottery restoration, illustration and analysis; object preservation and conservation; remote sensing; Carbon 14 dating; archaeobotanical, zooarchaeological and other bioarchaeological analysis; various chemical analyses; geoarchaeological analysis; etc.), down to the costs of the popular and academic publication of the finds.

Due to these many expenses, one of the most difficult aspects of conducting a major archaeological project are the ongoing financial constraints (particularly nowadays, in our volatile international financial situation), constraints that often severely limit our abilities to fully utilize the wide array of scientific methods that are potentially at our disposal. Needless to say, a robust understanding of the past, as seen from the archaeological remains, can only be attained through a well-rounded and richly textured analysis of these remains.

Thus, even if you cannot join us in the actual excavations, you can become a partner in our exciting and ongoing discoveries, through your financial support. All donations are welcome, and will be enthusiastically appreciated and acknowledged. In the case of substantial donations, parts of the project can be named in honor of the donor.

Donations can be sent to the address below – please make out checks to “The Israel Exploration Society” or the “Israeli Institute of Archaeology“.

For more information and naming opportunities, please contact Prof. Aren Maeir,; Tel.: ++972-54-620-5082.

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