Update for Monday, July 15, 2019: final full day of digging

So today was the final full day of digging for the 2019 season. As of tomorrow we start cleaning, photography and fold up. We had some nice finds today, particularly in Area M. This included a nice collection of loomweights, and a complete juglet (a large “black juglet”).

In Area D, we fully exposed one of the Iron IIA rooms. Quite cool to stand in a room from around 900 bce, with 2 m high plaster walls…

In Area Y, the brick and stone walls get bigger and bigger…

We also had quite a few visitors today. This included people from the IAA, the Nature and Parks Authority. We also had a group of IDF soldiers who helped out in Area M.

Dr. Ron Sha’ar (HU) and Yoav Vaknin (TAU) came again to the site to sample for archaeomagnetic studies, and found quite a few nice contexts for sampling.Overall – a great day!Here’s a few pictures:

The awakening giant…

It looks like the motif for the 2019 season at Tell es-Safi/Gath is:

“The awakening giant” – the massive early Iron Age city of Gath begins to surface!

This, I believe, will change a lot of what we know about southern Canaan in the early Iron Age.

Great end of the 3rd week. Next week is our final week, and we now know what will be our focus in the next two seasons, the last years of the current project at Tell es-Safi/Gath…

Some stuff from pottery reading…

Here are two things that came out in pottery reading today, an early Iron Age jar handle with a thumb impression, and a nice little fragment of Cypriote White Painted pottery.

Funny we should have such finds, even though this is not a Judahite or a Canaanite site… :-)

P.S. And if you don’t understand what I’m referring to, you don’t…;-)

Update for Thursday, July 11, 2019

Nice and hot today (…), but we did have a great day! As I’ve already noted, perhaps the most interesting news is the ongoing discoveries related to the massive Iron I fortifications often lower city. More and more masonry and various finds relating to these enormous features are coming out in Areas B, K and Y. It looks like we will need another season or two to start getting a better understanding of what is going on! In any case, this clearly demonstrates that already in the late Iron I, and perhaps earlier as well, the Kingdom of Gath was very large, with a massively fortified capital city of ca. 500 dunam. So, all those who believed that Gath ascended to its central role only in the Iron IIA, may have to revise their views…:-)

Today was the last day for the CCU team, and they will be leaving early Friday morning. As always, they were a pivotal part of our team!

We had a few visitors today, including Prof. Yigal Erel (HU).

All told – a great day!